Ezras Cholim’s roots began over twenty years ago when its founder Rabbi Abraham Hoffman started helping people get to and from hospital. Within a short period of time his winning personality helped him develop a strong rapport with doctors and patients alike. It didn’t take long for this grass roots project to become an independent community organization dedicated to helping people struggling with illness. The raison d’etre of Ezras Cholim has been all about removing the fear of the unknown.

When a health crisis disrupts the normal routine of life, the patient and family members embark upon a painful and frightening journey. When traveled alone, not only is the entire journey an unbearable ordeal, but it inhibits the patient from focusing on getting better. The typical individual is at a serious disadvantage when dealing with medical issues. Most people do not have adequate knowledge of medical terms and procedures, and lack the ability to access proper care.

Ezras Cholim steps in to ease the burden by offering guidance, support, and tangible assistance in every imaginable way. We believe that no one should deal with a medical crisis alone. Ezras Cholim is the single address for patients to reach out and receive the help and advocacy they need.